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SubjectRe: Changing KB, MB, and GB to KiB, MiB, and GiB in
On Fri, 21 Dec 2001 11:43:40 -0600, Bob Glamm wrote:

>On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 03:48:22PM +0000, Mike Jagdis wrote:
>> Go look up "SI binary prefix" and "SI prefix" on Google. You might
>> not _like_ the binary prefixes (I don't either) but they're what's
>> been standardized and they're unambiguous. It does no good to claim
>> that it's enough that *you* know what you mean. This isn't Alice in
>> Wonderland (you can look that reference up in your spare time :-) ).
>SI standards have been around for years. Yet many mechanical
>engineers in the US still use English units. Convention and
>economics dictate that they do so; any change in this field is quite

Did the US ever go metric ? Europe (minus the UK of course) did, and rarely
looked back. AFAIK (please correct me), the US never went metric. Don't they
still use Fahrenheit and all that weird stuff ?
Oh, and btw - those non-metric units are not "English units", but "Imperial units",
if you want to picky :-)

>Somehow I expect that the same convention and economics factors will
>also dominate the argument over prefixes for bits of information
>in this field for years to come as well.

That I agree with - although I suspect manufacturers increasing will go for
the IEC standards - I used to work for StorageTek where an argument just like
this went on about 2 years ago - the IEC side won. Generally the hardware
people were all for IEC, and the software side less so.

Per Jessen, Zurich

Per Jessen, Zurich - home of the J1 serial console.

Windows 2001: "I'm sorry Dave ... I'm afraid I can't do that."

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