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SubjectRe: nfsroot dead slow with redhat 7.2
在 週四, 2001-12-20 10:39, Trond Myklebust 寫道:
> >>>>> " " == David Chow <> writes:
> > The network is fine. It is so slow that an ls -l at the rootfs
> > takes more than 2 minutes. The readdir() seems alright because
> > the ls immediate counts the number of records says "total
> > blahbalh" but when doing individual lookup calls, it seems slow
> > like hell. We have other production i686smp servers 2.4.14
> As I said: 'tcpdump' ought to show you what is going on
> > serving diskless i686 clients using
> > 2.4.13 kernels works great. Is there any difference in nfsroot
> > with
> > normal nfsmounts? And can we configure the nfsroot use a v3
> Nope: no differences. NFSroot uses the exact same code as standard
> NFS.
> > mount? becaus now it defaults to v2 always.
> As I said in my previous mail: use the mount option 'v3' on the kernel
> boot line if you want NFSv3.
> e.g. nfsroot=",v3"
> Cheers,
> Trond
Just find out... it is a problem of some settings in /etc directory
it is not related to the FSes . I replaced the /etc directory with the
one we are using on the production machines... by the way. What can be
wrong? When it starts init , and execute the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit , it
is hell slow. We have tried replace /sbin/init with bash and we got out
a shell but "ls -l" takes more than 2 minutes... do you know what sort
of settings in the /etc will affect use space "bash" or "glibc" on
nfsroot behaves different ? This is so strange.



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