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SubjectRe: New version of e2compr for 2.4.16 kernel.
Denis RICHARD wrote:

> We have developped a new version of the e2compr package for the 2.4.16 kernel.

Nice. Since ext3fs is based on ext2fs, will that work with ext3fs too?



>It is based on the e2compr-0.4.39 patch provided by Peter Moulder
>for 2.2.18 kernel (
> It is full compatible with previous version.
> We have introduced the structure of "cluster of pages", as there was the structure
>of "cluster of blocks" in preceding version. The compression unit is the cluster of
> The implementation is similar with the 2.2 version. If the page needed is not present
>in memory, the cluster of pages including this one is decompressed.
> But in the 2.4 kernel the pages and the blocks have common area for the data.
>If a block is read from the device, the corresponding page is also modified.
>Then to decompress a cluster we should not read the blocks in the already used pages (decompressed)
>of the cluster. These pages can have been modified or can be used by another process (mapping).
>If a page is UPTODATE, a new one is allocated to decompress the cluster, and is freed after that.
> It has only been tested on i386 architecture, so be careful if you want to try it
>on other architecture, and especially if pages are large and can belong to two different
> For more informations, see the README files in Documentation/filesystems directory.
> If someone is interested by the patch, we will mail it.
> Feel free to contat us if you have some questions.
> Have fun.
> Pierre PEIFFER, Denis RICHARD .
>PS : We have also adjusted the e2fsprogs patch for the last version (1.25).
>Denis RICHARD \ ALCATEL Business Systems \
> / Tel: +33(0)3 90 67 69 36 /
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