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SubjectRe: aio
> I attribute the lack of technical discussion to the least common denomiator
> culture of the Linux community and not the merits of the actual technical
> system itself. That's what linux-aio@ is for...
> And using lkml as a AIO forum is probably outside of the scope of this list
> and group.

Bill, who is going to read linux-aio? There are many splinter
lists. Just about a week ago Dave Gilbert hissed at me for
not posting to linux-scsi. OK, I admit, the USB cabal made me
to subscribe to linux-usb-devel - only because the subsystem
was so out of whack that I was spending all my time trying to fix
it and dealing with broken sourceforge listserver did not make
it much worse. I can make exception for Ben, out of pure respect.
But then what? Those lists proliferate like cockroaches, every day!
I wish I could subscribe to linux-aio, linux-scsi, linux-nfs,
linux-networking, linux-afs, linux-sound, an OpenGFS list,
and "open" AFS list, linux-s390, linux-on-vaio, linux-usb-user,
linux-infi-devel, Hotplug, and perhaps more.

-- Pete
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