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SubjectRe: aio
"David S. Miller" wrote:
> If AIO was so relevant+sexy we'd be having threads of discussion about
> the AIO implementation instead of threads about how relevant it is or
> is not for the general populace. Wouldn't you concur? :-)
> The people doing Java server applets are such a small fraction of the
> Linux user community.

People writing code for NT/Win2K/WinXP are being channelled into
using AIO because that's the way to do things there (NT doesn't
really support nonblocking I/O). Thus another valid economic
reason AIO is important is to make it easier to port code from NT.
I have received requests from NT folks for things like aio_recvfrom()
(and have passed them on to Ben), so I'm not just guessing here.

As should be clear from my c10k page, I love nonblocking I/O,
but I firmly believe that some form of AIO is vital.

- Dan
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