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    SubjectRe: buffer/memory strangeness in 2.4.16 / 2.4.17pre2
    On Sat, 1 Dec 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:

    > You'll find that if you push the machine really hard - allocate
    > 1.5x physical memory and touch it all then the VM will, eventually,
    > with great reluctance and much swapping, relinquish the 30 megabytes
    > of buffercache memory. But it's out of whack.

    This is an expected (and very bad) side effect of use-once.

    > If we put anon pages on the active list instead, then shrink_caches()
    > and refill_inactive() start to do something, and they move that stale
    > old buffercache memory onto the inactive list where it can be freed.

    This would fix the problem of not being able to evict stale
    active pages, but I have no idea if it would unbalance
    something else.

    > This is just a random hack. I don't understand what's going on in
    > the VM, let alone what's *supposed* to be going on. And given the
    > state of documentation available to us, I never will.

    The balancing in Andrea's VM is just too subtle to understand
    without docs, that is, if there is any particular idea behind
    it and it isn't just experimentation.


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