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    SubjectRe: PATCH make ext2 smaller
    On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 08:47:58AM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > Ingo Oeser wrote:
    > >
    > > On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 08:03:27AM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > > > And if !MODULE, then even EXPORT_SYMBOL symbols can become static, if
    > > > they are not used outside the compilation unit.
    > >
    > > If your compilation units are greater than the current
    > > granularity of modules: Yes.
    > >
    > > EXPORT_SYMBOL() symbols are Kernel-API, which is also exported to
    > > 3rd-party vendors with binary modules. So it makes little sense
    > > to me to make them static.
    > If !MODULES, modules are not supported by that kernel. It is completely
    > safe to make such functions static, if not used outside the compilation
    > unit. For all other cases, it is indeed wrong to make such them static.

    Ahh! I thought with [1] you meant, that the compilation unit is
    not compiled as a module. But with [2] it makes a lot of sense of
    course ;-)

    Sorry for my confusion.


    Ingo Oeser
    Science is what we can tell a computer. Art is everything else. --- D.E.Knuth
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