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SubjectRe: 2.5.1-pre5 not easy to boot with devfs
Pierre Rousselet writes:
> The oops comes shortly after booting, loging in, starting devfsd-v1.3.20
> and playing with mc.
> The attached file is the same; it may be easier to read. The last line
> is the last entry of the log before <SysRq U>, <SysRq B>.
> Dec 2 07:39:29 milou kernel: devfs: devfs_unregister(): de->name: "s3"
> de: cf6ddf3c
> Dec 2 07:39:29 milou kernel: devfs: d_delete(): dentry: cf6c4c8c
> inode: cf6c1a0c devfs_entry: c14d0a94

This isn't the complete kernel messages! You've edited it. These first
two lines should be related, yet the devfs entries are different. If I
had the complete kernel messages, I could see what devfs_entry
c14d0a94 is supposed to be. And there might be other clues related to
the dentry values. Also, please changed the second printk() in
devfs_d_delete() to this:
if (devfs_debug & DEBUG_D_DELETE)
printk ("%s: d_delete(%s): dentry: %p inode: %p devfs_entry: %p pp: %p \"%s\"\n",
DEVFS_NAME, de->name, dentry, inode, de, de->parent, de->parent->name);

Please, edit nothing. If the output is big, just send it to me so you
don't spam the list.

Also, please send me the output of lsmod prior to the Oops.


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