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SubjectRe: IRC (was: Scheduler)
On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Daniel Phillips wrote:

> To put this into a more immediate perspective for you, suppose you wanted to
> get some traction under your SMP Clusters proposal? I'd suggest it's already
> been kicked around as much as it's going to be on lkml, and you already wrote
> your paper, so the next step would be to get together face-to-face with some
> folks who have a clue. Well, unless you're willing to wait months for the
> right people to show up in the Bay Area, IRC is the way to go.
> Come on in, the water's fine ;-)

I've watched with great interest the discussion of IRC for Linux folk
and have yet to see anyone mention server/network names and channel
names. I've been on IRC for 2.5 years -- I tracked the Y2K transition on
IRC despite all the dire warnings that evil impulses were going to shoot
down the wire and fry the LCD screen on my laptop. So -- just where
exactly *is* this water that is so fine? mIRC 5.91 and I await with
bated breath. (Yes, I do use a Windows IRC client -- wanna make
something of it? :-)
Ed Borasky
(sometimes known as znmeb on IRC :-)

How to Stop A Folksinger Cold # 4
"Tie me kangaroo down, sport..."
Tie your own kangaroo down -- and stop calling me "sport"!

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