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SubjectRe: ds: no socket drivers loaded! in 2.4.x
"Jesse W. Asher" <> wrote:

> Sam, did you ever figure out what was causing this? I'm having the
> exact same problem and ran across your post from October. Any
> information you gathered would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

Yep. I said "Y" rather than "M" to the questions under "general
setup"..."PCMCIA/CardBus support" that applied to me. The "sockets" it
refers to would be provided by either the cardbus support, or one of the
PCMCIA bridges.

I probably could have got away with the appropriate modprobe command, but
it seems to be out of fashion these days to include the name of the module
a kernel configuration option compiles to in the help text for that


cc:ed to the list for the benefit of people searching the net for this
problem ;)
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