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SubjectRe: IDE Harddrive Performance
Thomas Deselaers написал:
> /dev/hdc:
> Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 5.63 seconds = 11.37 MB/sec
> What would be a value I can expect from my hardware?

I have a Maxtor D541X (20Gbytes, 5400rpm), and its results are about
37MB/sec... Motherboard is Epox 8KTA3 with VIA 686B southbridge (HDD runs in
UDMA5 mode).

> And what might result in higher speeds?

Did you enable UltraDMA2 (P2B-S supports only UDMA2, not UDMA4 nor UDMA5)?
32-bit transfer? What 'hdparm /dev/hda' and 'hdpram -i /dev/hda' says?
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