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SubjectRe: nfsroot dead slow with redhat 7.2
Dear Trond,

Thanks for answering my question, we have use the i386 kernel at the
server that works fine. Also even we uses the i686 kerenl at the server,
it happens normally when doing NFS mounts, it will only be dead slow
server i686 2.4.7-10 kernel && client nfsroot(2.4.13 i686)

The network is fine. It is so slow that an ls -l at the rootfs takes
more than 2 minutes. The readdir() seems alright because the ls
immediate counts the number of records says "total blahbalh" but when
doing individual lookup calls, it seems slow like hell. We have other
production i686smp servers 2.4.14 serving diskless i686 clients using
2.4.13 kernels works great. Is there any difference in nfsroot with
normal nfsmounts? And can we configure the nfsroot use a v3 mount?
becaus now it defaults to v2 always.


在 週四, 2001-12-20 08:52, Trond Myklebust 寫道:
> >>>>> " " == David Chow <> writes:
> > Dear all, When I use 2.4.7-10 i686 kernel from stock Redhat 7.2
> > as the NFS server. My NFS client use the 2.4.13 kernel, when I
> > mount the nfsroot to the server, I found it is dead slow on the
> > client. This only happens in i686 kernel on the server, if we
> > use a K6-2 uses an i386 server its fine. What's going on? By
> Usually means you have a bad network connection. Use tcpdump to
> isolate where on the network packets (and UDP fragments) are
> disappearing.
> > the way, how to configure the client to default use a NFSv3
> > mount? Thanks.
> Specify the 'v3' NFSroot mount option.
> Cheers,
> Trond

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