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SubjectRe: aio
On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:13:54PM -0800, David S. Miller wrote:
> I don't think AIO, because of it's non-trivial impact to the tree, is
> at all outside the scope of this list. This is in fact the place
> where major stuff like AIO is meant to be discussed, not some special
> list where only "AIO people" hang out, of course people on that list
> will be enthusiastic about AIO!

Well maybe yourself and others should make some comments about it then.

> Frankly, on your other comments, I don't give a rats ass what BSD/OS
> people are doing about, nor how highly they rate, Java. That is
> neither here nor there. Java is going to be dead in a few years, and
> let's just agree to disagree about this particular point ok?

Who cares about Java? What about high performance LDAP servers or tux-like
userspace performance? How about faster select and poll? An X server that
doesn't have to make a syscall to find out that more data has arrived? What
about nbd or iscsi servers that are in userspace and have all the benefits
that their kernel side counterparts do?

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