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SubjectRe: Suggestions for linux security patches
On 19 Dec 2001, Jason Czerak wrote:

> I'm running linux 2.4.16, and I"m looking to the best possibly kernel
> patch to harden things up a bit. Primarly I wish to have what is in
> openwall's and grsecurity's patches is the buffer oveflow protection,
> but I'm unable to use the openwall patch because it only support 2.2.X
> kernels ATM. I applied the grsecurity patch but for some reason when
> running mozilla as non-root, the GUI for mozilla is all messed up (and I
> enabled sysctl support so nothing was enabled by default except stuff
> that isn't able to use sysctl).
> So to advoid applying 20 or so differnet patches, and evaluate each of
> them (taking up what little time I have in a day...), I wish to get the
> lists opinions on the matter.
> Local security/control isn't much of an issue and most likly won't be
> for a while. Remote security and protection from server deamons that
> have buffer problems are high priority to get the best protection for.



Tomas Konir
ICQ 25849167

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