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SubjectRe: On K7, -march=k6 is good (Was Re: Why no -march=athlon?)
On Wednesday 19 December 2001 19:39, wrote:
> >>>>> "M" == M R Brown <> writes:
> M> Curious, what happens when you compile using gcc 3.0.1 against
> M> -march=athlon?
> Is it safe to use gcc-3.0.2 to compile the kernel?
If it compiles.. Otherwise use gcc-3.0.3(prerelease), it has fixes that makes
the _current_ kernel compile.
Obviously it's still full of bugs, it wouldn't really be gcc if it wasn't.

I am currently running a linux-2.4.16-gcc3, where the only changed part is
the use of the gcc-3.0 compiler, and a -foptimize-siblings-calls flag. It's
running smoothly, although I havn't done any performance test yet.

Btw. I havent found anything that compiles with gcc-3.1 yet.
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