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Fix up some merge errors, scoop up another bunch of pending fixes
expected to hit Linus' tree soon, and drop some problem bits.

Patch is available from:

On with the changelog..

Some of these fixes still haven't found their way back to Marcelo yet
but should show up in 2.4.17-rc2 / 2.4.18pre1 with any luck.

o Drop Manfreds multithread coredump changes (Me)
| They caused ltp waitpid05 regression on 2.5
| (Same patch is fine for 2.4)
o Intermezzo compile fix. (Chris Wright)
o Fix ymfpci & hisax merge errors. (Me)
o Drop ad1848 sound driver changes in favour of 2.5 (Me)
o Make hpfs work again. (Al Viro)
o Alpha Jensen compile fixes. (Ronald Lembcke)
o Make NCR5380 compile non modularly. (Erik Andersen)

o bio fixes for qlogicfas. (
o Correct x86 CPU helptext. (Me)
o Fix serial.c __ISAPNP__ usage. (Andrey Panin)
o Use better ide-floppy fixes. (Jens Axboe)
o Make NFS 'fsx' proof. (Trond Mykelbust)
| 2 races & 4 bugs, hopefully this is all.
o devfs update (Richard Gooch)
o Backout early CPU init, needs more work. (Me)
| This should fix several strange reports.
o drop new POSIX kill semantics for now (Me)

o Resync with 2.5.1
| drop reiserfs changes. 2.4's look to be more complete.
o Fix potential sysvfs oops. (Christoph Hellwig)
o Loopback driver deadlock fix. (Andrea Arcangeli)
o __devexit cleanups in drivers/net/ (Daniel Chen,
synclink, wdt_pci & via82cxxx_audio John Tapsell)
o updates (Eric S. Raymond)
o Make reiserfs compile again. (Me)
o bio changes for ide floppy (Me)
| handle with care, compiles, but is unfinished.
o Make x86 identify_cpu() happen earlier (Me)
| PPro errata workaround & APIC setup got a little
| cleaner as a result.
o Blink keyboard LEDs on panic (From 2.4.13-ac)
o Change current->state frobbing to set_current_state() (From 2.4.13-ac)
o Add MODULE_LICENSE tags for acpi,md.c,fmvj18x, (From 2.4.13-ac)
atyfb & fbmem.

o Merge with 2.4.17rc1
o Activate out of order stores on IDT Winchips. (From 2.4.13-ac)
o ICH2 APIC support (From 2.4.13-ac)
o Activate Simple boot flag support (From 2.4.13-ac)
| was merged in -dj1, but not mentioned.
o Remove matroxfb PLL debugging message. (Me)

o Merge with 2.4.17pre8
Drop devfs changes. (Newer version in 2.5)
o Make ncr53c8xx bio aware. (Me)

| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs .
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