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SubjectRe: modify_ldt returning ENOMEM on highmem
Holger Lubitz wrote:
> Leigh Orf proclaimed:
> > Do you have an NTFS disk mounted? I had a similar problem which was
> > "fixed" by not having an NTFS vol mounted. Apparently the ntfs code
> > makes a lot of calls to vmalloc which leads to badness.
> Yes, I have. I'll try not mounting it. Which would be a better
> workaround than disabling 1/8 of my RAM.
> The funny thing is just - why does it work fine with up to 896 MB, but
> gives ENOMEM with _more_ RAM?

Because of the way the kernel uses its 1GB of virtual address space.
Physical memory is mapped 1:1 up to 960 MB, with the remaining virtual
address space (64MB or more) is reserved for virtual mappings like
vmalloc and ioremap.


Brian Gerst
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