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SubjectRe: Reiserfs corruption on 2.4.17-rc1!
> This is my opinion:
> -Something (reiserfs, anything) has caused fs corruption
> -It should be repaired by reiserfsck, but it's broken :-((
> -This corruption should NOT have happened, reiserfsck shouldn't
> have to be used.
> -I'm not a kernel hacker, so I can't try anything...what I know is
> that
> /etc in hc5 doesn't work. /usr, / correctly.
> Well, I'd like to know what's happened in my drive. Can somebody try to
> give an explanation?

I've seen this happen when being careless about partitioning my drive. If
you changed your partition table and created the filesystem without a reboot
you could be in for this problem. If fdisk was unable to update the
partition table after writing it out and you ran mkreiserfs, you just made a
filesystem on the *old* partition, according to the *old* partition table.
Upon rebooting, the disk will be synced to the new partition table. If you
happened to shrink the parition a bit, the filsystem is suddenly longer than
the partition.

Ross Vandegrift
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