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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Endianness-aware mkcramfs
Daniel Marmier <> writes:

> Here you are, against kernel 2.4.16. The patch is not as clean as one
> would like it to be, but we use it and it works well for us.
> Basically it adds a "-b" (byteorder option) which can take four parameters:
> -bb creates a big-endian cramfs,
> -bl creates a little-endian cramfs,
> -bh creates a cramfs with the same endianness as the host,
> -br creates a cramfs with the reverse endianness as the host,
> where "host" refers to the machine running the mkcramfs program.
> As told above, it could be cleaner, but I don't know of a nice method of
> accessing byteorder dependent data through structures.
> Have a nice day,

Hmm... I've been on vacation, so I'm joining the discussion a little
late here, but as hpa and others have said, cramfs is defined to be
little-endian -- we do not want two different versions of the

Send me a patch so big-endian systems byte-swap metadata (and the
equivalent for the mkcramfs/cramfsck programs) and I'd be happy to
help you clean it up and get it into the kernel.


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