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SubjectRe: Is /dev/shm needed?
    Hi Robert :))

>> if it's a *real* filesystem? I wasn't sure, since it's implemented
>> thru the page cache.
>Yes, you can mount as many as you like.

Ok, then :)))) I'm testing /tmp over tmpfs right now. I don't
notice a great improvement in speed. I have plenty of RAM for my box,
and I think that, just as you said, when I'm compiling the contents
of the /tmp are always cached, no matter if using tmpfs or not.

I'll try with higher loads and more processes trying to fill up
/tmp ;))

>See Documentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt for more information.

I'm afraid my 2.4.16 doesn't come with that file :((( My fault,
probably, although I don't remember touching the docs :???

Thanks a lot for your help :)

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