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SubjectRe: Timeouts on 3C575 network device
Hi Steve,

I have the same problem here (3c575 too, K6-2 too). Cardbus bridge TI1251B.

But I noticed that it nearly never occurs when I put my notebook in a cold
room. Also, it occurs more often when I have transmitted lots of data and the
notebook is hot. In my case, I believe it comes from the cardbus bridge not
coping with the card speed. Perhaps under windows the card is underloaded and
the bridge can keep cool ? but I definitely think it's a hardware problem first
and perhaps the software can mask it.

If you want to reduce the penalty of these timeouts, you can put this line
in your /etc/modules.conf : "options 3c59x watchdog=50". It prevents the
card from hanging more than 50 ms. But take care of your syslog !


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