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SubjectCONFIG_SOUND_DMAP: Confusing entry.
The entry for CONFIG_SOUND_DMAP (included below) leaves 
me a bit confused. It says there can be a problem on machines with more
than 16MB of RAM. At the same time it says that CONFIG_SOUND_DMAP
should be enabled unless you have more the 16MB of RAM (or a PCI sound
card). Is it my language skill (English is not my mother tongue) or is
it a contradiction? When should CONFIG_SOUND_DMAP be enabled?

Persistent DMA buffers
Linux can often have problems allocating DMA buffers for ISA sound
cards on machines with more than 16MB of RAM. This is because ISA
DMA buffers must exist below the 16MB boundary and it is quite
possible that a large enough free block in this region cannot be
found after the machine has been running for a while. If you say Y
here the DMA buffers (64Kb) will be allocated at boot time and kept
until the shutdown. This option is only useful if you said Y to
"OSS sound modules", above. If you said M to "OSS sound modules"
then you can get the persistent DMA buffer functionality by passing
the command-line argument "dmabuf=1" to the sound.o module.

Say Y unless you have 16MB or more RAM or a PCI sound card.

Niels Kristian Bech Jensen -- --

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