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SubjectRe: Compiling 2.4.16 kernel with sound support
* Thorsten Sauter schrieb am 15.12.01 um 18:47 Uhr:
> Hallo Kernel-List,
> I have big problems with sound support in 2.4.16. I just download the tarball and untar it.
> If I make now a simple "make dep && make clean && make bzImage" everthink works fine.
> But after including any sound stuff, the linker always print an error and exit. :(
> After I remove the previous select sound staff, the kernel compile cleanly.
> The base distri is the current debian sid (apt update today). Here are some environment infos:
> Distri: Debian Sid (i386)
> GCC Version: 2.95.4
> LD Version:
> if you need more infos please let me know.
[error output]

Did you try a "make mrproper" before doing the make
dep/clean/bzImage ?

(backup your .config before makeing mrproper...)


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