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SubjectRe: fsx for Linux showing up reiserfs problem?
On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Dave Jones wrote:

> I've done a few tests on local filesystems, and so far Ext2 & Ext3
> seem to be holding up..

I've tested ext3 on 2.4.17-pre8 and it works fine.

> Reiserfs however dies very early into the test..
> truncating to largest ever: 0x3f15f
> READ BAD DATA: offset = 0x1d3d4, size = 0x962f
> 0x1d3d4 0x177d 0x0000 0x 563
> operation# (mod 256) for the bad data unknown, check HOLE and EXTEND ops

I tested with reiserfs on 2.4.9-ac14 and 2.4.15-pre4-xfs and it fails in
the same way on both.

I tested on a xfs partition on the 2.4.15-pre4-xfs kernel and didn't get
any errors either.


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