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Subject[OT] Re: 2.4.16 & OOM killer screw up (fwd)
On Thursday 13 December 2001 03:48 am, Alan Cox wrote:
> > On Tuesday 11 December 2001 12:23 pm, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> > > For BSD advocates it might be a problem that these are unified diffs
> > > that are only applyable with GPL-licensed patch(1) version..
> >
> > Why would BSD advocates be applying patches to the linux kernel? (You
> > don't need the tool to read a patch for ideas, do you?) Why would BSD
> > advocates apply a GPL-licensed patch to the GPL-licensed Linux kernel,
> > and then complain that the tool they're using to do so is GPL-licensed?
> >
> > I'm confused. (Not SUPRISED, mind you. Just easily confused.)
> Christoph, please remember that irony is not available between the Canadian
> and Mexican border.... you are confusing them again 8)

We'll get it back when the whole "everything has changed" fad dies down.
Average together how long the OJ simpson trial lasted, the monica lewinsky
thing, elian gonzalez down in miami, the press coverage of hurricane andrew,
the original gulf war, nancy kerrigan, john wayne bobbit, joey buttafuoco,
the military interventions in somalia and bosnia, the outcry over alar and
malathion in california back in the 80's, dan quayle attacking murphy brown,
the anti-nuke sentiment following chernobyl and three mile island...

That's our national attention span. A year, maybe a year and change.
Anybody who thinks some nut with a beard can keep this country permanently
nervous obviously doesn't remember the cuban missile crisis. (And of course
there are a lot of people who don't, again because of our short attention
span...) Our military may be rather impressive, but our sarcastic
self-centered indifference is legendary. We're STILL bombing Iraq, and most
of the US has forgotten that country even exists...

</off topic thread>

> Alan

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