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SubjectRE: APM idle problems - how to check if BIOS halts CPU?
Oh, my! I am ashamed. I totally missed the fact that default idle task
alredy halts CPU. I must be getting old :(

On Чтв, 2001-12-13 at 14:39, Andreas Steinmetz wrote:
> I posted an apm patch and asked Marcelo to apply it. What you do see is
> kapm-idled and the idle task both racing for idle time. There's even more
> problems (search lkml for subject kapm-idled and have a look at the reply from
> Alan Cox on Dec 5 which does contain my original mail and the patch). With the
> patch e.g. the fan control of my laptop works properly which it never did
> before.

Unfortunately, this patch does not works as I'd expected. This patch
does hide systime, but it does not cool CPU. With this patch system runs
4C hotter than it run when I replaced apm_do_idle() with apm_cpu_idle()
in original apm.c

I'll try to get a closer look at weekend; any hints how to debug it are

If you really do have a broken bios there's no other way than to
> contact your system's vendor.

Well, my vendor is ASUS and it is notorious for never answering bug
reports from mere mortals. I also do not know how important Linux market
is for them and Windows runs fine with ACPI (and Linux with ACPI does
not have this problem as well. But I run Mandrake and they currently do
not want to enable ACPI for different reasons). But I'll try anyway.

Thank you

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