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SubjectRe: Is it normal for freezing while...
Wow, responsiveness is wonderful with these patches.

Will they make it into 2.4.17, (ie: I've seen the -pre2 changelog, did
you incorporate them into -pre2)?
Even throughout the entire dd, it remained responsive

Attached is the vmstat log during the dd.

Andrew Morton wrote:

> war wrote:
> >
> > Is it normal for a system to lockup while creating a 3GB test file?
> >
> Seems that way.
> It also seems that yesterday I sent you the URL of two patches:
> and I explicitly asked you to report on the result of applying them?
> If you apply them, you'll find that the problem goes away. If you're
> using ext3, you'll get better results if you mount with the `noatime'
> option.
> So please - test the patches, report the results. It's how things
> work around here. Sometimes :)
> Thanks.
> -
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