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SubjectRe: Did someone try to boot 2.4.16 on a 386 ? [SOLVED]
> But try telling people that shipping files then
> overwriting them is a bad idea.

if a file is to be modified, then it ought to be
copied at make time, deleted at clean time, and
only its copy should be used. Anyway, by definition,
a modified file is not a source anymore.

> The moment you use cp -al on a kernel source tree,
> you are running the risk of time stamp problems.
> cp -al pristine tree1
> cp -al pristine tree2
> cd tree1
> make *config bzImage
> cd tree2
> make *config bzImage
> The make in tree1 and tree2 touches the time stamps
> on included files. Because most include files are
> hard linked, it changes the time stamps on all three
> trees, including the pristine source. Even if you
> never compile in tree1 and tree2 at the same time,
> when you switch back and forth between trees you
> will get semi-random time stamp changes.

so a recursive touch before a make in such a tree
should be safer ?

> Normally the unwanted time stamp updates only forces
> spurious recompiles, but I believe that there are
> some sequences that create an incomplete kernel
> build.

Although I can't swear I never encountered this
problem, I can tell that I already had some
interrogations about strangely compiled kernels
which led me to repatch against a clean tree.


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