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SubjectRe: Coding style - a non-issue
At 09:43 PM 11/30/01 -0800, Stephen Satchell wrote:

> Most of the bad-but-not-obviously-bad ideas get rooted out by people trying
> them and finding them to be wanting. Take, for example, the VM flap in the
Ahh right, like the OOM killer. There's a brilliant idea that got rooted
out to where it belongs...

> The "Linux Way" as I understand it is to release early and release
> often. That means that we go through a "generation" of released code every

And disregard the "mutations" that have already been "selected for" (to
carry the analogy) in other systems. And disregard any edge-case that is
"too hard" or "too rare" or "involves serious testing".

> Now that I've stretched the analogy as far as I care to, I will stop
> now. Please consider the life-cycle of the kernel when thinking about what
> Linus said.

I can't consider joe.random developer adding a feature as a "mutation".
It's just not analogous in my mind.

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