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SubjectRe: esr cut off my genitives
Followup to:  <1007229787.2134.10.camel@addlestones>
By author: Richard Russon <>
In newsgroup:
> Hi esr,
> There are a couple of lines of the patch I'm not quite happy with.
> > -Windows' Logical Disk Manager (Dynamic Disk) support (EXPERIMENTAL)
> > +Windows Logical Disk Manager (Dynamic Disk) support (EXPERIMENTAL)
> > -Windows' LDM extra logging
> > +Windows LDM extra logging
> Not wishing to sound too pedantic, but I did put the apostropes in on
> purpose. "Windows" is a plural noun and the genitive of it is "Windows'".
> Of course if it's a limitation of the new config tool I'll understand :-)
> (and you'll need to apply the following, too).
> -IBM's S/390 architecture
> +IBMs S/390 architecture

However, the use of genitives in the construction above is not really
the common usage. However, "IBMs S/390" is completely bogus -- it
should be "IBM S/390".

Also, if the tool can't handle ' I would fix the bloody tool.


<> at work, <> in private!
"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot." <>
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