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SubjectRE: rivafb

I've the same problem. It's seems like a conflict of the nvidia drivers
and rivafb. Try to unload the nvidia_kernel module and use in X the nv
driver who comes with the X, that works (at least with my GForce2 Pro), but if
you do this, you'll loose the nvidia hardware acceleration...

>Hi all you smart folk.
> I've been trying to use the rivafb driver for my console, because I
>like 1024x768 console resolution, but dislike the slowness of the vesa
>framebuffer. Every time I start X and then switch to a text console, it
>begins to mess up (my cursor turns into 2 purple dots) and if I try to
>switch back to X the console is completely corrupted, forcing me to
>reboot. Is there a conflict that makes it incorrect to use a
>framebuffer text console and a different accelerated X console? Or is
>this a bug in the memory handling of the rivafb that makes it conflict
>with the NVidia accelerated stuff, OR can I not ask this here, because
>I'm using the unlicensed NVidia kernel drivers?


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