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SubjectRe: Bidirectional USB Printer
On Saturday 01 December 2001 12:51, victor1 torres wrote:
> I have a bidirectional usb printer and I was woundering how I would get
> that to work with user space programs and if it really is supported. When I
> load all my USB things and the printer.o it says Bidirectional USB Printer
> = usblp0

Doesn't sounds like a problem. Merely have to set up LPR or whatever printing
subsystem is in use w/ your distribution. You never said what distribution,
so I can't tell you what to do to configure your box. Presumably, all u need
to do is configure whatever LPR equivalent to use /dev/usblp0 (or do a find
for lp0 in your /dev/ directory).

> Please help.
It's kind of hard when you don't tell us enough to give you a concise answer.
Please help us by helping yourself in the future.
> Thanks in advance
Spelling errors corrected for free

BTW, next time try to cc: to the appropriate subsystem maintainer (in this
case USB and/or printing/parport) not the kernel maintainer. Neither Linus or
Marcelo need to be cc:'d for this kind of question.

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