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SubjectRe: HPT370 (KT7A-RAID) *corrupts* data - SAMSUNG SV8004H does it as well
> On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 11:34:00AM +0100, you
[] claimed:
> > On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 11:58:03AM +0200, Ville Herva wrote:
> > > - how come anyone else is not seeing this corruption (Abit KT7A,
> > > HPT370 is fairly popular)?
> >
> > A friend of mine had an IBM DLTA drive attached to his HPT370
> > controller, and this combination proved to produce a whole lot of drive
> > errors (I can confirm this first hand), which went away after attaching
> > the drive to the main motherboard controller.
> > I can't say anything about data corruption though - I just asked him and
> > he said he didn't know of any, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
> Of course the drive is longer attached to HPT370 and your friend is
> reluctant to reattach it, but it would still be nice to know if he gets
> consistent results which for example this simple test:
> cat /dev/hde | mdsum
> run for several (5-10, perhaps) times.
> OTOH, I haven't had corruption with reading only
> one disk at a time, but then again I haven't tried too hard as they
> should really work in parallel.
> -- v --
> -

In my experience, the HPT370 chipset likes corrupting harddrives. When I was
using it, I had the PCI Raid version and it kept corrupting my hard drives.
I tried updating the BIOS, but the bios program locked up and completly
killed my board. When I RMAed the board, the new BIOS was put on for me and
after that I ahven't had a single problem. Maybe you should try upgrading
the BIOS, but I don't know if you can for an onboard version.

-Matt Schulkind

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