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SubjectRe: Re: Please tag tested releases of the 2.4.x kernel
[It would be nice f you could teach your mailer about replies..]

Hi Justin,

In article <> you wrote:
> And the kernels on *are* tested, by lots of people, by kernel
> developers, by lots of ordinary folks even. I bet right after theren's
> an announce on slashdot you see lots of traffic on the ftp/http sites.

The problem is that there is absoloutly no defined QA-cycle for these
kernels. Please take a look at what distributors (at least most, I know
at least one counter-example):

o they freeze at one public kernel release
o they do testing, lots of testing
o they apply bugfixes for problems found in their debugging
or coming in new releases _only_. No new major changes that
might break things.

That's why new distribution releases tend to come with 'old-looking'

With release _any_ new release mixes features, rewrites and
bugfixes. I hope this will change a little for 2.4 now that Marcelo
who does the above cycle for for Conectiva takes over maintainership.
But in can't in whole - noone would really freeze the stable series
as strict as distributors do.


Of course it doesn't work. We've performed a software upgrade.
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