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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix 2.4.14 scanning past LUN 7

> > The setting of lun0_sl is broken in the current scsi_scan.c - if
> > we found a LUN 0, the just allocated SDpnt with a SDpnt->scsi_level
> > of 0 is used to set lun0_sl.
> While I think your change makes this cleaner, I don't see why the
> current code is broken. What difference does it make if
> lun0_sl is set after scan_scsis_single() or in scan_scsis_single()
> if in both cases it is set to SDpnt->scsi_level?

The problem is that if we find a device, a new SDpnt is allocated,
*SDpnt2 (SDpnt in scan_scsis()) is set to the new SDpnt, so
after scan_scsis_single() returns, SDpnt->scsi_level is 0, not
the value of the just found device.

The fix sets lun0_sl to the newly found devices SDpnt->scsi_level,
not to the newly allocated SDpnt->scsi_level.

Patrick Mansfield
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