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SubjectRe: Assertion failure wth ext3 on standard Redhat 7.2 kernel
Hi Andrew,

>ext3 downloads are currently running at 1,200 per day plus
>an unknown number of Red Hat users, and you're the first to report
>this one. So it's going to be something odd. It _could_ be bad
>hardware, but if it's always failing in the same way, that sounds

I too thought bad hardware. I will try removing the extra 64M I added
recently and see if it still happens.

>Could you please force a `fsck' against the fs, let us know the
After a crash I say Y (within 5 seconds) on reboot to run an fsck and there
are usually corrupted files from what I was doing when it crashed. Eg I was
running rpm -Uvh kernel-sources... and some files in /usr/src/linux... were

>Also, a ksymoops trace of the oops output would be most useful.

How do I do this when the box has crashed? I can manually write down the
oops, but then what do I do? Can I manually look up to get what
you need?

>It looks like memory corruption of some form - a structure
>member has an impossible value. Are you using any less-than-mainstream
>device drivers in that box?
I agree. Everything is pointing to the new memory, even though I
successfully ran memtest86 for 10 hours.



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