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Subjectbonding driver - linux kernel

i have an HP Procurve 4000M and a linux box with an Intel Pro/100 Dual
Port Server Adapter (eepro.c). we have the switch set to do cicso
etherchannel, which the procurve supports. but it seems not to work in
this mode. we have to back down to trunking mode, giving us 200Mbit
upstream, but only 100Mbit down stream.

I was curious if it had been tested with any HP switches, or any non
cisco switches for that matter that support cisco etherchannel. i was
also wondering if this is not the case if anyone has written a patch, or
is planning to write one to correct this.

if not, me and my colleague and i are willing to take a crack at it.
however we have limited experience at something like this, but are eager
to get into it.

any help or direction is apreciated. thanx.

Phil Sorber
AIM: PSUdaemon
IRC: #psulug PSUdaemon
GnuPG: keyserver -
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