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SubjectRe: speed difference between using hard-linked and modular drives?


> I'm assuming that walking on average 5-10 pages on a lookup is not too big a
> deal, especially when you use prefetch for the list walk. It is a tradeoff
> between a big hash table thrashing your cache and a smaller hash table that
> can be cached but has on average >1 entries/buckets. At some point the the
> smaller hash table wins, assuming the hash function is evenly distributed.
> It would only get bad if the average chain length would become much bigger.
> Before jumping to real conclusions it would be interesting to gather
> some statistics on Anton's machine, but I suspect he just has an very
> unevenly populated table.

You can find the raw data here:

You can see the average depth of the get_free_page hash is way too deep.
I agree there are a lot of pagecache pages (17GB in the gfp test and 21GB
in the vmalloc test), but we have to make use of the 32GB of RAM :)

I did some experimentation with prefetch and I dont think it will gain
you anything here. We need to issue the prefetch many cycles before
using the data which we cannot do when walking the chain.

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