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SubjectRe: 2.4.>=13 VM/kswapd/shmem/Oracle issue (was Re: Google's mm problems)
On Friday 09 November 2001 09:38, Ken Brownfield wrote:

> We're seeing an easily reproducible problem that I believe to be along
> the same lines as what Google is seeing. I'm not sure if Oracle's SGA
> (shmem) can be mlock()ed, but I'm guessing there's a state analogous to
> Solaris' ISM. We're seeing this on a 4GB machine with HIGHMEM/HIGHMEM4G
> set, using 2.4.1{3,4,5-pre1}.


Oracle is a horrendous memory hog.
Looks like it's getting more bloated with each next release.

If I will start some seriuos database programming,
I will try PostgreSQL first... it is at least Open Source,
we can see what's inside.

> Basically, this problem makes it impossible to run Oracle on Linux,
> which is really a massive problem from our point of view. If someone
> could show me how to provide more useful information or further debug
> this problem, I would greatly appreciate it. This includes specific
> alternate kernels, or perhaps without HIGHMEM4G or HIGHMEM.

Whee, looks like you guys really willing to resolve this...
Pity I can't do anything for you. Let's hope some VM folks will be
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