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SubjectRe: X-Windows locks up under concurrent OpenGL (Mesa) and I
On  9 Nov 01 at 14:11, Rick Gaudette wrote:

> within a couple of hours. We can usually ssh into the hung machine from
> another machine and kill the application to bring back X. Top shows

Happy you.

> CPUs:

Dual PIII / 800MHz.

> Motherboards:

Gigabyte GA-6VXD7 (with VIA694X)

> Video cards:

G450 with XF 4.1.0 drivers.

> OS Versions:


> Typical system config:


> A simple way to do persistent concurrent I/O:

Watching fbtv on second G450 head. It stresses AGP as it generates
30MBps stream from PCI -> AGP...

> Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

... and machine is dead - poweroff button does not work. I always thought
that it is specific to VIA chipsets, as almost same configuration (PII
instead of PIII) worked fine on GA-6BXDS (i440BX), and it is new to me
that AMD has same troubles. Help is simple - do not use VIA chipsets,
at least I did not found any other way how to get it to work
(except disabling mainmemory,PCI->AGP transfers (CPU->AGP are OK,
Petr Vandrovec

P.S.: If you have dualhead G400 on VIA and two bt848 grabbers, just run
one fbtv -k on first head, and another fbtv -k on second head. It will
die as soon as you hit enter on second fbtv (and of course they must be
in <=16bpp, as 694X does not handle even one memory stream needed for
32bpp full PAL PCI->AGP transfer).

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