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From go...
hi all,

i've been having problems with starting my xserver all the time... my
monitor tells me that i have no connection at all after starting X...
complete system failure... no sysrq keys and stuff.. this is my fifth to
seventh install of slackware 8 in approximately 3 weeks... errors in
filesystems and reiserfs couldn't handle the crashing anymore and tells
me i couldn't mount my root filesystem (superblock errors, etc.)...

anyway, i'm just curious if this is about the radeon drivers or the amd
761 agpgart that Robert Love had made.. with all due respect to Robert
he did a good job... my amd chipset wasn't even recognized before this
patch-turned main stream kernel supported hardware...(but is it really
supported?). my friend is also experiencing the same problems and he has
the amd 751 chipset and the radeon combo as well... i've tried quite a
lot of things just to make my machine perform like a real linux box
should be but to no avail... X keeps me down as in crashes 7 out of 8
times i start X... i've read and researched on this issue for months and
i'm still one of the guys who hasn't found the answer...

if anyone could have pity on us amd and radeon owners and point us to
the right path i would really appreciate it... i don't really want to
spend more money to buy some new hardware again just to keep my system
in tip-top shape... i've just spent a lot on my recent upgrade
(motherboard and video card)... i had to replace two of my harddisks as
well because they had bad sectors and such after all the crashing...

hope anyone can enlighten us with this issue....



Cyrus Santos

Registered Linux User # 220455
Sydney, Australia

"To make mistakes is human, but to really foul things up requires a

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