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SubjectRe: hang with 2.4.14 & vmware 3.0.x, anyone else seen this?
On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 10:24:05PM +0000, Petr Vandrovec wrote:
> Journaling will not do anything good in such case, as damaged kernel
> could write damaged data to your harddisk. You should run full fsck
> after every such lockup even if you are using journaled filesystem -
> - unless you are 100% sure that kernel really stoped doing anything
> instead of that it started doing strange things.

Hmmm, with ext3 that would not help you very much I think, given that the
journal is replayed before the fsck is performed (fsck can replay a journal
file). So if there's garbage in the journal, it might make its way into the
filesystem. Or it might confuse fsck...

I use reiserfs on another disk in the same box, which does not suffer from the
long fsck times, but does put a quite heavy load on the CPU during intense file
operations. Simple tests with ext3 seem to indicate that it suffers less from
this problem.

> Probably it is time for me to try Linus's kernel, but I have so perfect
> exprience with Alan ones that I'm a bit reluctant to do that.

Yeah, same here. I decided to try a Linus kernel 'cause of some unexplained and
unwarranted slowdowns - especially in interactive applications.

With mixed results, the slowdowns seem to be gone but other problems appear
(like the vmware hangs). I'm back to -ac for the moment (running 2.4.13-ac5,
waiting for others to bend or break the IDE patches :-)

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