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SubjectECS K7S5A bus problem may be causing file corruption
(Apologies for munged address, I don't have a good spam solution
yet. No need to CC me.)

There appears to be a marginal bus problem with some ECS K7S5A
boards, which may be contributing to some of the file corruption
problems people have reported. Try running Memtest86
( ) with the CPU (and possibly FSB)
speed set to 100, then 133. If 100 is ok and 133 isn't, check out (warning: pdf)
for details. My own machine exhibits completely reproducible
errors using either or both DIMMS when the CPU/FSB speed is
133/133, and no errors at 100/100 or 100/133.

Memtest86 is run from a boot floppy and doesn't use the hard
drives, so this is unrelated to the kernel / IDE. A couple of
people have had trouble under Linux but not Windows, so this may
not be the only issue. It should be eliminated on a given machine
before testing kernel patches, though.

Hope this helps,
Tom Zych
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