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SubjectLockup in IDE code
  Hi, all. I tried to use my IDE CD-ROM today, the first time in a
long while. When attempting to mount it, the machine locked up,
hard. Even SysReq didn't work. I got the following message:

hdb: timeout waiting for DMA
ide_dmaproc: chipset supported ide_dma_timeout func only: 14

I was running 2.4.7 initially, and then pulled down 2.4.14 and got the
same problem. All my IDE drivers are loadable modules. The kernel
messages I get when I load those modules are appended. If I turn off
DMA using hdparm, I don't get a lockup.

This wasn't always a problem. The last time I used my CD-ROM it worked
fine. My motherboard is an Asus P2B-D (dual PIII).


Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 6.31
ide: Assuming 33MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with idebus=xx
PIIX4: IDE controller on PCI bus 00 dev 21
PIIX4: chipset revision 1
PIIX4: not 100% native mode: will probe irqs later
ide0: BM-DMA at 0xd800-0xd807, BIOS settings: hda:pio, hdb:DMA
ide1: BM-DMA at 0xd808-0xd80f, BIOS settings: hdc:pio, hdd:pio
hdb: CRD-8480B, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive
ide0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6 on irq 14
hdb: set_drive_speed_status: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
hdb: set_drive_speed_status: error=0xb4
hdb: ATAPI 48X CD-ROM drive, 128kB Cache, DMA
Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.12
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