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SubjectRe: hang with 2.4.14 & vmware 3.0.x, anyone else seen this?
On  8 Nov 01 at 17:39, Frank de Lange wrote:
> It seems 2.4.14 and vmware 3.0.x don't like eachother very much on my SMP (yeah
> Abit, yeah yeah I know) box. I've seen several hangs (nothing logged, no
> warning, no nothing) using this combination. The same box, running the same
> vmware but 2.4.13-ac instead does not complain...

Yeah. Use Alan's kernels with VMware. These are one which I daily tests
and for which I can say that they works (== do not use VMware with
2.4.13-ac8, vmmon will not restore correct %cr2 value under some
conditions, use -ac7 until it is clear whether non-standard %cr2 usage
is going to stay or not).

> Sooooo.... there seems to be something going on there. As vmware loads its own
> kernel modules (licensed under who knows what? The source is available and
> hackable), it could be a bug in those modules. Then again, as it does not occur
> on the -ac series, it could be in the kernel as well. As there's nothing to be
> seen in the logs (it just freezes solid), there's nothing more to report
> currently...

Is it really solid freeze (what does alt-sysrq-s,u,s,b)?
Petr Vandrovec

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