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SubjectRe: Any lingering Athlon bugs in Kernel 2.4.14?
On 8 Nov 2001, Robert Love wrote:

> On Thu, 2001-11-08 at 11:46, Calin A. Culianu wrote:
> > Hi, I am wondering if maybe there are any lingering Athlon bugs in Kernel
> > 2.4.14?
> > [...]
> > Any help/advice/thoughts/even flames would be appreciated... :)
> Would you mind trying Alan's tree? Get linux-2.4.13 and
> patch-2.4.13-ac7. The newest is 2.4.13-ac8, but stick with 7 for now.

I wouldn't mind trying his tree at all. Does his tree somehow use the
older VM, or does it try to address Athlon bugs more aggressively? Ie: Why
is this a great idea? (Apart from Alan's tree just being really cool).


> > Ie, give kernel 2.4.13-ac7 a whirl.
> Robert Love

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