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SubjectRe: go...
On Thu, 2001-11-08 at 07:05, Cyrus wrote:
> i've been having problems with starting my xserver all the time... my
> monitor tells me that i have no connection at all after starting X...
> complete system failure... no sysrq keys and stuff.. this is my fifth to
> seventh install of slackware 8 in approximately 3 weeks... errors in
> filesystems and reiserfs couldn't handle the crashing anymore and tells
> me i couldn't mount my root filesystem (superblock errors, etc.)...
> anyway, i'm just curious if this is about the radeon drivers or the amd
> 761 agpgart that Robert Love had made.. with all due respect to Robert
> he did a good job... my amd chipset wasn't even recognized before this
> patch-turned main stream kernel supported hardware...(but is it really
> supported?). my friend is also experiencing the same problems and he has
> the amd 751 chipset and the radeon combo as well... i've tried quite a
> lot of things just to make my machine perform like a real linux box
> should be but to no avail... X keeps me down as in crashes 7 out of 8
> times i start X... i've read and researched on this issue for months and
> i'm still one of the guys who hasn't found the answer...

I doubt its the AMD 761 AGPGART driver. It is easy to see if it is:
don't load the AMD 761 driver. I think the DRI component of the ATI
driver is all that uses AGPGART, so unload that too.

Thus, see if just the Radeon with no DRI and no AGPGART is a problem.

Robert Love

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