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SubjectRe: Suspected bug - System slowdown under unexplained excessive disk I/O - 2.4.13
On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 09:25:38PM -0700, Sasha Pachev wrote:
> Summary:
> System slowdown under unexplained excessive disk I/O
> Full description:
> While running X, KDE, having a few windows open, I ran make -j4 on MySQL
> source tree. I do this all the time and it usually works just fine - the
> system is a little bit unresponsive. However, occasionally the system becomes
> completely unresponsive - the disk goes crazy, the machine pings but neither
> ssh or telnet work - connection to the port is established, but nothing
> further than that. It does respond to magic SysRQ. I was able to get a memory
> info dump + stack traces into syslog, included below. The filesystem is
> ReiserFS.
> Keywords:
> vm, ReiserFS, heavy disk I/O,

Let me guess, IDE disks? Anyway, this is a FAQ. Go, click
on the FAQ, and look at #15.

This issue really can be a problem as the entire machine will freeze up for
a good chunk of time while the disk churns away. Strangely enough, I've
only noticed it on some machines, not all. But it's enough of a problem to
cause me to switch to ext3.

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