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SubjectAny lingering Athlon bugs in Kernel 2.4.14?

Hi, I am wondering if maybe there are any lingering Athlon bugs in Kernel

I basically have a 33-node AMD Athlon Beowulf Cluster using the KT266
chipset. I compiled kernel 2.4.14 optimized for athlons.

If I leave the computers up for several days, without fail random nodes in
the beowulf start to drop like flies. Every other day, a different,
random node will get those Aiiiee messages and complain about some virtual
page request being invalid or somesuch, hanging the machine.

I am sure all the machines have good hardware as we ran thorough tests on
the machines using things like memtest86. I only started experiencing
problems since upgrading the kernels from the stock redhat kernels that
came with those machines.

I haven't yet tried just compiling the kernel without the Athlon
optimizations. I was wondering, though, if there are any known or
suspected issues with Athlons and the latest kernel?

Any help/advice/thoughts/even flames would be appreciated... :)


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