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SubjectQ:Howto benchmark preemptible kernel ?
I'm have a Cyrix 486/66 with 12Megs of ram.
I'm using preemptible patches from quite some time
(2.4.10- 2.4.13)
I was using both Robert Love and Andrew Morton's
I would like to do some benhmarks but there are some
1. The system is slow and has low memory so a big
benchmark is out of question (compiling the kernel
take 4 hours if i don't touch the console)
2. The benchmark must be small and adequate (patching
the kernel to make a benchmark is out of discussion)

Any ideas ?

(No i don't have money to buy a new machine, I win
200$/month, a new pc (crappy) is 350-400$ (in my

I did run (some time ago, without preemptible kernel)
some benchmarks (bonnie, and bytebench or something)
but it was no improvement (1% maybe ) whatever I have
done with hdparm or vm tweaking.

P.S. (for Andrew ) Will there be a patch for 2.4.14 ?

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